Mexican Motor Mafia

Mexican Motor Mafia 1.4

Drive a car, rescue your mom and follow a mob called "Priest"

Mexican Motor Mafia 1.3 is an action game developed by Science of Tomorrow.
Mexican Motor Mafia 1.3 starts with an interesting story. A very well known bandit has escaped the prison. When he's out, he decides to kill the policeman that caught him. You are that policeman's brother, and you are searching for revenge. Armed with a car and a shotgun you decide to go to the small town in Mexico where your brother's killer and his gang were last seen.
This game is an action game with a upper view. We are always driving a car, and we can shoot the bad guys through the windows. When we have enough money, we can purchase new cars. To earn money we must carry out some missions like gettting rid of some bandits, or delivering fireworks. In the game we can move between different towns. If we drive outside a town we change to the map view, and there we can go wherever we want.
Mexican Motor Mafia 1.3 is a full featured time limited demo version. This demo version of the game will expire after 60 minutes playing. In we want to keep playing, we should buy the full version, available at the developer's webpage.

Jorge Tierno Alvite
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  • Lots of missions
  • Buy and trade features
  • Interesting story


  • Graphics could be better
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